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Guidelines for Makeover Games

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Buying wholesale sterling jewelry is a great way to look cool and trendy, without burning up weekly co , It is also a great way to add valuable accessories to perk up what is in your , Those who are not keen to wear it can always be generous and gift wholesale sterling silver jewelry to loved ones, family members, siblings or jewellery ,

What is Sterling Silver?
The popularity and demand for Sterling silver has suddenly grown by leaps and bounds, almost transforming it into a rage that everybody is vying for. So, what exactly is sterling silver?

Simply put, sterling silver is not pure silver but features few traces of copper gelled into it. To make sure that buyers get authentic sterling silver and do not get duped by swindlers, the US Federal Trade Commission or the TC?formulated strict guidelines. According to the FTC, not a single jewelry piece that is sold in the US can be classified as silver or sterling silver unless it shows a minimum of 92.5 percent pure silver. If you are a buyer, make sure that you purchase sterling silver that comprises this fixed percentage of pure silver.

Types of Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry
The craze for buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry is growing rapidly, even to Hollywood. Its fan list includes popular celebrities like Beyonce, Rihana, Scarlett Johansson and even Snoop Dog.

So, what's stopping you from buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry?
Here are some points to consider:

* Sterling silver offers the best possible mind boggling variety in its jewelry range.
* It is fun, trendy and reasonably priced.
* You can buy any type, be it earrings, toe rings, chains, bracelets and the list is actually exciting because it's endless!

How to Buy Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry
If you are all set to go shopping for wholesale sterling silver jewelry, the first step is to know where to look for it.

Here are some tips to get you started with buying wholesale sterling silver jewelry online:

* Check the credentials of the website and how well established it is.
* Check how many years the site has been successfully selling authentic silver.
* Read product reviews of the site.
* It is best to not buy silver jewelry from retail sites. Opt for virtual shops that sell sterling silver jewelry at wholesale prices.
* Confirm that the price mentioned on the website does not include any overheads.
* Research and do your homework on wholesale sterling silver jewelry before you make your purchase.

At SilverDepot, you can buy your favorite sterling silver jewelry not just as another accessory but as a way to look beautiful without burning your pocket.


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